Muhd Nor, 17 years old

Muhd Nor realised numbers as an allergy for human emotions. Many of his works display his keen interest in comic characters, video games and automobiles.

David Wee, 11 years old

David loves to doodle Ninjas with cool weapons. He makes minature weapons out of cardboard too.

Zina Chia, 16 years old

A devoted fan of all types of animated characters and an avid doodlist, Zina's creations ranges from detailed characters to adorable animals. She also has a natural curative ability to profile her doodles with realistic details.

Tay Jun Yi, 12 years old

Jun Yi loves to draw animals in vicarious situations. His artwork 'Animals in 10 min' has been a sell-out item in our merchandise range.

Lee Qi Jun, 11 years old

Qi Jun is currently embarking on realistic pencil drawings of various scenery. She is also attempting to weave a giant fishing net out of scraps of nylon strings she picks up.

Glenn Phua, 11 years old

Glenn loves to doodle clocks, liquor bottles and cantonese typography. He dabbles in Flash animation too.

Krystle Tay, 15 years old

Krystle loves everything about being a teenage girl -Seventeen magazines, make-up and behaving lady-like. She loves to play the piano too! She plays on the school piano everyday without fail.

Fabian Tan, 12 years old

Fabian's current interests is drawing dinosaurs. He's almost finished illustrating a 79-page instructonal book on how to draw dinosaurs.