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About DoodleHeroes

Defying their impairments in communication, imagination and social interaction, our doodlist on the autism spectrum have etched imaginative, yet honest, self-portraits of themselves and other interesting individuals who have crossed their paths.

Known for their focus on details and their narrow interests, you can begin to see their unique temperaments and characteristics from each character design. Simple, unaffected and free-spirited drawings, some child-like and some surprisngly polished, the DoodleHero series serves as a strong testament for their untapped powers. True to material, these children are indeed Superheroes in a league of ther own.

About The Team Behind The Heroes

The team behind the quirky profiles of each character consists of Pathlighters who have the natural curative ability to create a whole new virtual world and write full character profiles in the blink of an eye!

With the distinct features of each drawing and the all-so-familiar personality traits, you are bound to find yourself in one of the Heroes.

So which DoodleHero are you?