Who is behind DoodleShop® ?

DoodleShop® is brought to you by Pathlight Design Studio, a social enterprise under Pathlight School.

So what does DoodleShop® do?

The mission of DoodleShop® is to promote and endorse a new brand of products embellished with unique doodles by special people who are quaint, insightful and fun! Our products come to you from students of Pathlight School, Singapore's first autism-focused school that offer a unique blend of mainstream curriculum and life skills. Each Doodlist and Artists receives royalties from the sale of their merchandise.

Where can I purchase DoodleShop® products?

All DoodleShop® products can be purchased online at Pathlight eMall. You can also visit our inhouse retail store, Pathlight Mall at Pathlight School. Selected ranges are available at our retail partners. View the list here.